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world class solutions with plastics!

Granger Plastics Company provides a number of leading solutions to a wide variety of industries. An over whelming number of these leading resolutions have been designed and engineered by Granger Plastics. Granger Plastics Company as well with many of its customers, has garnered a large amount of international media and press attention for a number of its industry accolades, including a tremendous amount of press for its incredibly innovative, leading safety product, America's leading single family Tornado Shelter, the Granger ISS. The Granger Plastics Company is an internationally recognized leader in Rotational Molding. Rotational Molding, or Rotomolding, is a plastics molding process that has the capabilities to produce large, complex, durable hollow products, that have some of the most durable physical properties of any man made materials on the planet. Granger Plastics Company produces a wide variety of products ranging from as small as 8 ounces up to products that are in excess of 1,200 pounds or more. The Granger Plastics Company has recieved international accolades for a number of its plastic designs and plastic products, such as America's #1 selling Tornado Shelter, the Granger ISS. Granger Plastics Company prides itself on high quality production, molding some of the most complex and innovative designs in the Rotational Molding industry!

Aerospace industry

plastics company provides maintenance and fuel savings!

Granger Plastics Company has provided a plethora of solutions to the Aerospace Industry. Producing a number of high quality, custom components ranging from Ducts, shipping containers, ballasts, air cargo containers and more, Granger Industries has been on the fore front of providing Plastic based solutions for a number of diverse applications in the Aerospace and Commercial Airline sectors.

Custom Air Cargo Container, Air Cargo Container, Air Craft Container
Custom Air Cargo Container, Air Cargo Container, Air Craft Container
Custom Air Cargo Container, Air Cargo Container, Air Craft Container
Custom Air Cargo Containers all converted to Plastic for maintenance savings and savings in fuel burn by Granger Plastics Company

Recently, Granger Industries launched a new division of its internationally recognized company, Granger Aerospace Products. After building over 20,000 custom Air Cargo Containers for a number of industry leaders in the Air Cargo and small package delivery industries, Granger Plastics Company decided to manufacture a line of its own proprietary, patent pending Air Cargo Containers, also known as ULD containers. Granger Plastics Company's recent growth into the aerospace industry has allowed for Granger Plastics to provide its maintenance and fuel saving Air Cargo Containers to a number of international air cargo companies and commercial air lines all over the globe. The Granger Plastics Company/Granger Aerospace Products Air Cargo Containers are direct conversions of typical "industry standard" containers which have historically been manufactured from Aluminum or Fiberglass. The conversion of the metals or FRP materials offer a tremendous amount of maintenance savings and fuel savings, where as Granger Plastics Air Cargo Containers are less susceptilbe to damage and weigh less than most standard air cargo containers. This keeps the containers in service, allowing company's the ability to capitalize on maximum savings by having their containers consistently in use and not requiring costly down time and repairs!

Granger Aerospace Products ULD Containers
Air Cargo Container, ULD 2, LD2, LD-2, Granger Aerospace Container
Granger Aerospace Products ULD-2
Air Cargo Container, ULD 8, LD8, LD-8, Granger Aerospace Container
Granger Aerospace Products ULD-8

Granger Plastics Company is also involved in a number of extremely specialized shipping containers. These shipping containers are extremely specilialized units for moving motion sensitive, high value capital equipment. The very specialized content of the shipping containers is extremely susceptible to damage and malfuncitoning if the part sees to much motion or impact. The contents of these shipping containers is valued in excess of $10,000,000 US Dollars (Ten Million US Dollars). These containers are custom manufactured to very specific requirements and needs. A number of these containers are outfitted with RFID chips or even GPS tracking devices, to ensure of the safe and proper delivery of the the container and contents to its proper locations, while tracking all of its movements, motions and impact all through the transportation process.

Aerospace Shipping Container, NASA shipping container, Space Container

Granger Plastics Company designed specialty Aerospace Shipping Container

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medical industry

Durable & hygenic medical innovations!

Granger Plastics Company has produced a number of components and products from plastics used in the medical industrys. Whether it is a housing, shroud, medical container, safety product or device or maybe a product as simple as an anti-microbial laundry cart, Granger Plastics Company has innovative solutions for leaders in the medical industry.

Granger Plastics Company has recently partnered up with medical backboard innovator, Bandel Industries, to design and manufacture the innovative medical spineboard with wheels, The Wauk™ Board. The Wauk™ Board is medical backboard innovation, that incorporates the features of a dolly into a medical spineboard.


The Wauk™ Board offers industry leading solutions for a multitude of medical industry issues. For instances, The Wauk™ Board allows first responders to move bariatric patients much easier than conventional spineboard methods, as the foot rest and the wheels allow the spineboard to moved easier with the dolly features than standard backboards without these types of features. The Wauk™ Board also offers solutions for small bathrooms, stairways, tight elevators, mobile homes or when utilized by funeral homes or under takers to move the departed from tight quarters.

Spineboard with Wheels, Dolly Spineboard, Medical Spineboard, Medical Backboard
Waukboard, Spineboard with Wheels, Dolly Spineboard, Medical Spineboard, Medical Backboard

The Wauk™ Board Spineboard, is another example of Granger Plastics' commitment to plastics innovations. For more information on the Wauk™ Board, please visit or

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safety industry

plastics company provides durable safety solutions!

Many companies pride themselves on being able to offer solutions in which people can trust their families safety to. Granger Plastics Company prides itself on its world class safety solutions, which provide tens of thousands of families all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even in Italy and Japan! The Granger ISS continues to be the leading Storm Shelter and Tornado Shelter safety solution offered on planet earth! Many less capable manufacturers produce underground tornado shelters from less capable materials, namely fiberglass, carbon steel and concrete. After building a larger storm shelter for over 15 years, Granger Plastics Company began research and development of its newly designed unit, which was engineered with the typical American, single family home in mind. The industry leading, double 1/2" thick wall unit comes standard with the highly recognized, customizable Granger ISS Triple Layer Composite Door. The Granger ISS is the only underground storm shelter that comes complete with a lifetime warranty that includes a free lifetime door replacement warranty! While many less capable manufacturers may offer slight financial savings for an inferior product, many of their units do not offer life time door replacement warrantys, nor do many of their units even offer the capabilities of replacing the door when damaged from Tornado or Storm debris! When these units that do not have the capability of replacing the doors sees a direct impact from flying Tornado or Storm debris, the unit is typically deemed useless after this, due to the doors integrity being comprismed. Granger Plastics Company separates itself from these companies, by offering its customers' a free lifetime door replacement in any verifiable Tornado! With nearly 20 years of Tornado and Storm Shelter manufacturing experience, Granger Plastics Company continues to prove why tens of thousands of families have made the right choice, by choosing the Granger ISS as their families Tornado Shelter and Storm Shelter Solution!

Storm Shelter, Underground Storm Shelter, Tornado Shelter, Underground Tornado Shelter, Granger ISS
Granger ISS installed
Storm Shelter, Underground Storm Shelter, Tornado Shelter, Underground Tornado Shelter, Granger ISS
Granger ISS Tornado Shelters ready to ship!

With severe Tornado damage in 2011 and 2012, Granger Plastics Company and its patented Tornado Shelter technology recieved a large amount of domestic and international press, ranging from some of the largest newspapers, television and media outlets in the world! See some of these videos and print examples in the links and videos below!

Granger ISS Media

How many people fit in the Granger ISS Storm Shelter?

People often ask "How many could you fit inside the storm shelter and still sit comfortably inside the unit?" Now we have a video of a family of 7 easily sitting inside the unit comfortably and still exiting the shelter safely and effectively!

Granger ISS Door FEMA 320 & FEMA 361 testing

See the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter undergo vigorous FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 testing with the same door! Many manufacturers struggle to get (1) shelter door to pass either the FEMA 320 or the FEMA 361 test. See the Granger ISS Triple layer composite door pass both the underground tornado shelter test, but also the above ground tornado shelter testing! The Granger ISS continues to show why it is the most innovative engineered product in all of the Tornado or Storm Shelter industries!

Granger ISS National News Feature- Channel 12

After a recent rash of severe weather and a tremendous spike in orders after a number of Tornados thru the United States, the Granger ISS was featured on a number of television stations and news channels. See the Granger ISS being featured on Channel 12 National News!

Granger ISS National News Feature- Fox 19

As the rash of storms and inclement weather continues, Granger Plastics Company continued to see tremendous spikes in Storm Shelter sales. See the Granger ISS featured on Fox 19's national news program!

The Granger ISS is another shining example of Granger Plastics Company's commitment to high quality product innovations and conversions. While many less durable and less capable underground storm shelters are made from inferior materials such as carbon steel, fiberglass or concrete, the Granger ISS is manufactured from extremely durable and long lasting Polyethylene, or Plastic. Thick, durable, food grade Polyethylene, or plastic offers extremely good chemical resistance in comparison to less durable materials such as Fiberglass, that tend to decompose when buried in damp, moist and dark conditions. Another leading factor in many families purchasing of a plastic tornado shelter is that common lawn chemicals and fertilizers will actually aide in decomposing many materials such as steel. Commonly used weed repellents, fungicides and herbicides all significantly deteriorate materials such as FRP or Fiberglass. This deterioration eventually leads to cracking, rotting, molding and mildewing of Fiberglass or FRP materials. A large portion of Granger's Tornado and Storm Shelter business is replacing these dilapidated shelters. Sometimes, these units are as new as just a few months old and some reach to be 5 to 7 years of age. Many of them have began rotting, cracking and leaking. Recently, a number of Federal Government regulatory agencies recently determined that "Fiberglass fibers cause DNA damage, which leads to chronic illness and is carcinogenic." Even the New York Times has reported on this atrocity, as far back as 1987 showing "Evidence Grows on Possible Link of Fiberglass and Lung Illnesses". These are all additional examples as to why the Granger ISS continues to be the leading Underground Tornado Shelter in America!

Plastics Engineering & Design

World Class Plastics Design & Engineering!

The Granger ISS is only one of many World Class innovations and designs completely engineered and designed by the leading engineering team ag Granger Plastics Company. The Granger ISS is protected by United States Patents. Granger Plastics Company also has stamped, state certified engineers drawings for the Granger ISS which has been accepted in over 28 states for FEMA funding and rebates. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter is one of the prominent, world class Plastics Products in all of the plastics industry!

Plastics Company Tornado Shelter, Plastics Company Design, Plastaics Company Patent
Design & 3D Model of Tornado Shelter and Patent Issued to Granger Plastics for Shelter
Plastics Company Tornado Shelter, Plastics Company Design, Plastaics Company Patent
Several Granger ISS installed Units, a Granger ISS dealer making National News

For more Granger ISS Tornado Shelter or Storm Shelter information, please visit one of the Granger Plastics Company Granger ISS links below:

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    Material Handling industry

    Laundry & recycling carts, material handling solutions!

    Granger Plastics Company has produced a large number of material handling carts and products since the inception of the company. Products ranging from Laundry Carts, Recycling Carts, Bulk Storage Containers, Custom Material Handling products, and so much more! Granger Plastics manufactures a wide variety of material handling goods for both bulk dry materials and bulk liquids or chemicals. Granger Plastics produces a wide variety of plastic material handling solutions, ranging from bulk storage containers and various tanks, such as Intermediate Bulk Containers, also known as IBC Containers.

    Laundry & Recycling Carts

    Granger Plastics produces a large number of Plastic based Laundry & Recycling Carts. A number of these carts are used in facilities such as Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Schools, Doctors Offices and so much more! The Granger Plastics Laundry & Recycling Carts feature durable poly construction, which offers long lasting, durable use in most nearly environment. Granger Plastics Company produces the laundry & recycling carts in a multitude of sizes, 12 Bushel Carts, 16 Bushel Carts, 20 Bushel Carts and 16 cubic foot carts!

    12 Bushel Laundry Cart, 12 Bushel Recycling Cart, 12 Bushel linen Cart, 12 Bushel Granger Cart
    Granger Plastics 12 Bushel Cart
    16 Bushel Carts, 16 Bushel Recycling Cart, 16 Bushel Linen Cart, 16 Bushel Granger Cart
    16 Bushel Cart
    20 Bushel Laundry Cart, 20 Bushel Recycling Cart, 20 Bushel Linen Cart, 20 Bushel Granger Cart
    Granger Plastics 20 Bushel Carts
    Granger 16 cubic foot cart, Granger 16 cubic foot laundry cart, 16 Cubic Foot Recycling Cart
    Granger Plastics Company 16 cubic foot Cart with Custom Stenciling

    Another distinctive advantage the Granger Plastics laundry & recycling carts have is their foam filled plastic base construction. A number of leading companies who operate clean room facilities or have food, medical or hygenic operations that do not have the flexibility to allow wooden splinters from messy plywood bases. The plastic, foam filled base adds to the strength & durability to the plastic laundry carts, yet an additional benefit of the plastic base is that it makes it much more difficult to knock the casters off of a Granger Plastics Company material handling cart than the overwhelming majority of the competitions carts!

    Granger Plastics Company Plastic Laundry Cart base
    Granger Plastics Company Foam Filled Plastic Base

    Many customers, companies and facilities purchase canvas or vinyl material handling carts intially because they often will have a lower price point intially than the plastic carts. However, the durability and the life span of the canvas and vinyl carts is significantly less than the performance of the Granger Plastics Laundry Carts. While having a number of distinct advantages including durability, strength, capable of being stenciled and the much longer lifespan of the plastic carts end up offering a significant long term savings, while providing better performance and better corporate identity, as the plastic carts look better in service than the vinyl or canvas carts!

    Ugly Vinyl Cart, Canvas Laundry Cart
    Do vinyl or canvas carts represent your company or organization?

    Bulk Storage Containers

    Many corporations have worked hard over the last few years to reduce their dependency on carboard gaylord boxes, in effort to lower their consumption of trees and various paper products. Many have even taken on "green intiatives" or joined groups like the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes the responsible management of forests worldwide. In effort to comply with a lot of these intiatives and programs, companies have replaced their gaylord boxes with plastic bulk storage containers, such as Granger Plastics Companys GP-1004.

    Granger Plastics Company GP1004, Plastic Bulk Storage Container, Plastic Gaylord Box
    Food Grade Bulk Storage Container holding Food processing materials
    Granger Plastics GP1004, GP Bulk Storage, GP Material Handling Container
    Granger Plastics Material Handling Container used in an aluminum recycling facility

    The bulk storage containers by Granger Plastics are also nestable, stackable (with lid), four-way forkliftable. They are also offered in USDA/FDA approved materials or in 100% recycled materials as well to fit your requirements. The Bulk Storage Containers are also offered in a number of color offerings, as well as custom color capabilities when specifications or volume quantity orders demand.

    Recycling centers and metals processing facilities all across the United States use the Granger Plastics GP1004 Bulk Storage Containers daily to facilitate their recycling operations. Many recycling facilities require these units to have very specialized, heavy duty fork straps that allow for indexable forklifts to index the containers for dumping purrposes. Granger Plastics Company works closely with their customers to determine the most effective and cost efficient manner to provide a solution that exceeds their expectations for use. See the picture below of the indexable bulk storage container and the video of the bulk storage containers being used & abused at a metal recycling facility!

    Indexable Bulk Storage Container, Recycling Center Storage Container
    Indexable Fork Straps on a Bulk Storage Container being picked up
    Underside of indexable container, indexable recycling container, indexable storage container
    Underside of a Bulk Storage Container w/ indexable fork straps

    Plastic Bulk Storage Container in Use at Recycling Center

    See the Granger Plastics Company Bulk Storage Containers in heavy duty use at one of the Midwest's largest metal recycling facilities!

    Heavy Duty Bulk Storage Containers

    Granger Plastics Company experiences a wide variety of uses for the Plastic Bulk Storage Containers, but now Granger Plastics Company offers the Bulk Storage Container with a support ring, to allow for lare volume liquid storage. This ring allows the unit to hold water or other liquids (up to 300 gallons), while maintaining the general shape of the Bulk Container. As you see in the pictures below, the unit easily holds 300 gallons of water with little to no deflection.

    Granger Plastics Company GP1004 heavy duty, Granger Plastics Bulk Storage Container with Support Ring,
    Granger Plastics Bulk Storage Containers, Granger Plastics Heavy Duty Bulk Storage, Aquaponics COntainers
    Granger Plastics Bulk Storage Container, Granger Plastics Company Bulk Storage Container for Use in Aquaponics or Hydroponics

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    Defense industry


    Granger Plastics Company manufactures a wide variety of leading Defense solutions not only for the United States Department of Defense but as well for a number of leading private Defense Contractors. Granger Plastics Company takes great pride in being able to provide not only industry leading solutions to very prestigous organizations such as the United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, United States Army and more, but to also offer potentially life saving safety solutions that offer protection to our young men and women in combat zones all over the globe.

    Defesne Bunker, Plastic Defense Bunker, DoD Bunker

    Bullet/Blast Resistant Bunker manufactured by Granger Plastics Company

    Granger Plastics Company also manufactures a large number of extremely critical, information sensitive, custom defense projects. Many of these projects require extreme attention to detail and specifications, requiring some of the best and brightest minds that the plastics industry has to offer. A large portion of these projects are custom applications for Defense OEMS or private contracting defense firms who are converting their project to rotationally molded plastics for a multitude of reasons. Some of these projects vary in materials from polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and various other materials. Granger Plastics Company continues to provide high quality solutions for our Defense sectors to aide in keeping our young men and women as safe as possible in their quest to keep our country safe and protect our freedoms.

    Granger Plastics Defense Project, Granger Plastics Company

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    Chemical & Agriculture industry

    Plastics tanks provide long term savings!

    Plastic Tanks are a staple of the Plastics Industry. They are most likely the most common thought of product when it comes to manufacturing of plastic products. Granger Plastics Company manufactures a wide variety of tanks, ranging in size from under 1 gallon all the way up to over 5,000 gallons in size! Granger Plastics Company has produced an overwhelming number of tanks for a number of leaders in wide variety of industries ranging from Chemical Manufacturing, Chemical Distribution, Agricultural Tanks for Feeds & sprays or even bulk storage containers, such as Intermediate Bulk Containers. Granger Plastics Company also manufactures a wide variety of custom tanks for food processing, concrete facilities, inks, laundrys and so much more!

    Granger Plastics Tanks, Plastic Tanks
    A small sampling of a Plastic Tanks manufactured by Granger Plastics Company

    From everything from lawn care tanks, septic tanks, spray tanks, hydroseeding tanks, chemical storage tanks, water storage tanks and so much more! Granger Plastics can with you to ensure that your custom tank project not only meets your specifications and requirements, but it will exceed your expectations!

    Intermediate Bulk Containers

    For nearly 20 years, Granger Plastics Company has produced IBC Containers (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for a number of leading companies in the concrete, manufacturing, construction and a number of other industries including food processing, makeup & cosmetics, silica production and so much more! Granger Plastics Company custom builds each IBC Container to order, allowing the customers to have very specialized, individual units that fit specific process requirements for each individual Different application. Some customers require taller racks, some require mounting plates, some desire 33 degree hopper bottoms, while others want 45 degree hopper bottoms. Some customers like Red powder coated steel racks, while others prefer blue, black, green or even pink! Each Granger Plastics IBC Container features a powder coated steel frame, a 33 or 45 degree hopper bottom rotationally molded plastic tank, with a 23" drum lid opening, bottom or right angle discharge, with a 2" full port ball valve. Granger Plastics Intermediate Bulk Containers are offered in 330 Gallon IBC's, 400 Gallon IBC's or even in a 275 gallon, All Plastic IBC.

    Granger Plastics Company IBC Container, Granger Plastics IBC, Granger IBC Tote
    Granger Plastics 400 Gallon IBC Container
    Granger Plastaics Company IBC Container, Granger Plastics IBC, Granger IBC Tote
    Granger Plastics Company 330 Gallon IBC

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    This is just an extremely small and general idea of Granger Plastics Company's capabilities as one of the World leaders in Plastics Manufacturing. For more information on Granger Plastics Company, please visit; For more information on Granger Industries, please visit